With Michele Pernetta and Lisa Missah

Learn to take your students on a journey deep withIN

IN is one of the first yoga classes that bridges Yin, Nidra, deep hip and leg stretches and physiotherapy. It is a magical mix of effective joint and muscle openers and stabilisers, with relaxing stretches and slow holds.

Lead your students deeper inwards towards their joints and connective tissue, while directing them towards their deepest relaxation yet, with meditation, Yoga Nidra and a long savasana.

Learn to teach this popular deep, slow, yoga-physiotherapy class, based entirely on the floor. You will teach your students how to open their hips, spine, neck, shoulders and wrists carefully, deeply and softly. Slow holds, stationary core activators, passively and actively open tight areas.

3 and 3/4 hours of recorded video content

Course Outcomes

  • Learn to teach this popular deep, slow, class, based entirely on the floor 
  • Understand the physiotherapy poses and how they work
  • Learn how to modify for very stiff people looking to open their bodies
  • Learn more effective use of props
  • Learn how to direct your students to a state of deepest relaxation and sensitivity
  • Practise how to bring Yoga Nidra and guided meditation to your class
  • Discover how to develop your voice to relax your students
  • Learn to use silence while encouraging people to explore deeply inwards

Learn to deliver Yoga Nidra and Deep relaxation

Discover techniques to bring lasting changes

Learn how to deliver a Yoga Nidra to deliver deep healing relaxation.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Performing solely an Alpha yoga or fitness practise is leaving an entire area of possibility, exploration and depth unexplored.

Trying to balance an overly Alpha practise with Yin, is an attempt to create balance. But what if we didn't practise at those two extremes? What if our Alpha classes were more balanced, and our Yin classes more balanced?

The Fierce Grace system bring us in towards the centre of the seesaw from the extreme ends. That is why our IN class in more challenging than most joint, fascia and connective tissue classes.